Our story

The magic of Tzfat has been taken to the next level at Tzfat Distillery 148, all the main elements of the mystical city in one place. Tzfat Distillery houses only Israeli products, from Israel’s First Whisky, local boutique wines, and the most tasteful selection of art and Judaica! Walk into a newly revealed 350-year-old historical site. Attributed to Reb Yankle Doctor of the 1700s, see the revived historical site in use as an energetic lounge and wine cellar! Whether you need to sit back for a glass of whisky, host a corporate event or plan your son’s Bar Mitzvah, this is creme de la creme of the Galilee.

The Secret to Our Unique Wine

Tzfat Distillery 148 houses one of the most unique collections of Israeli wines. Every bottle in the store was produced by wineries in the radius of Tzfat, spaning the Golan and the Galilee. 

For years, the wine industry has been growing in Israel, with an emphasis around the Galilee, which puts us literally at the center of this exciting time in the Israeli wine market.

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When seeking specific wines or wineries to work with, we not only do the very hard work of visiting and tasting all the wines we eventually sell, but more importantly, we meet the people behind the wine. And that for us is our best indicator! 

Throughout Israel’s rich history spanning thousands of years, wine has been made by holy people connected to the holy land. We found that by once again seeking out those special winemakers, we will find the best tasting wines.

A Unique Location

During the renovations of our location in the Artist’s Colony of Tsfat, we found a 300-year-old house since covered by the destruction of the earthquake in 1837.

The subterranean chambers we unearthed are the perfect location to store wine in. A naturally cool temperature and arches and underground rooms blend together perfectly in arousing one’s curiosity of how it was to be in ancient Tzfat!

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