Our story

The magic of Tzfat has been taken to the next level at Tzfat Distillery 148, all the main elements of the mystical city in one place. Tzfat Distillery houses only Israeli products, from Israel’s First Whisky, local boutique wines, and the most tasteful selection of art and Judaica! Walk into a newly revealed 350-year-old historical site. Attributed to Reb Yankle Doctor of the 1700s, see the revived historical site in use as an energetic lounge and wine cellar! Whether you need to sit back for a glass of whisky, host a corporate event or plan your son’s Bar Mitzvah, this is creme de la creme of the Galilee.

Israel's First Whiskey Statement

Establishing Israeli brands and getting global recognition
Making sure Israel is at the top of the global craft market

How We Started

Emmanuel Gallery is a group of entrepreneurs that immigrated from Montreal Canada to Israel in 2002.  Emmanuel Fine Art Gallery is located in the heart of the Old City of Tzfat,  acting as the hub and source of inspiration for dozens of projects. The group has curated local art for global exhibitions and world leaders for years as well as hospitality ventures in Northern Israel.

In 2014 Master Distiller David Zibell a friend from Montreal made aliyah to the Golan Heights and had a dream to start making Israel’s first whisky.  Pioneering the first local whisky has it’s challenges and hurdles, also it’s rewards. Today in 2021, Zibell has established himself as Israel’s #1 expert distiller, making him a go to for newcomers and veterans in the industry. 

 Since then the two have worked together on many ventures from distribution to exporting craft whiskys and Israeli spirits overseas. Golani Distillery has participated and won dozens of awards across the world standing up like David against the world’s Goliaths. The newest venture is Tzfat Distillery 148, a revolutionary store blending all the elements of Israel together.

How We Started


Every batch or harvest bottled for the Tzfat Distillery 148 was fine selected by a team of experts to ensure that the visitor’s center always  features the finest quality and most limited editions. We are constantly creating and developing the brand in different directions, so our visitor’s center has promotional items that can’t be found anywhere.

The art displayed in Tzfat Distillery 148 is designed and selected by our team of artists and curators.


The location is a newly renovated ancient property in Tzfat. During renovations, a few hidden rooms were discovered. Since then, many experts have come to add information about what was once here. We have found the house and synagogue of Reb Yankle Doctor of Tzfat, a well known doctor of the ancient city 200 years ago. The building is around 100 years old than that and currently serves as a wine cellar naturally cooled and several tasting rooms.

Our Goal

Our dream is to establish a location in every corner of the world that features Israel’s finest beverage makers and selected collections with the ambience of our flagship visitors center in Tzfat.  All produced and bottles in Israel. Empowering Israel’s first whisky distillery and selected wineries to branch out to new global markets

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